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I know what it means to search and keep searching for answers.

To knock on doors of wisdom to only find answers that do not fit the puzzle piece you’re missing. More searching and finally there is a glimpse of hope and then the truth, or a version of it, begins to unfold piece by piece.

As truth rises to the surface so do our emotions. Relief springs up and then before you know it grief jumps in sinking our hope. Don’t stop! Keep asking, keep seeking and keep on knocking.

Once my son was officially diagnosed, at 10 years old with ADHD and Social Anxiety, I remember thinking, “I’m not crazy after all.” Awe, relief! There ARE explanations for our questions. Then grief creeps in playing tag team with relief saying, “Look at what you have to deal with!”.

I was relieved that there were explanations, but not relieved that there were “real issues” that needed explaining. Most of us want the issues to just disappear.

The issues were spoken out loud and given an official name with finality. I remember the tears that came as the diagnosis pressed into my heart. No one wants “their” child to struggle in life.

Before, it was a guess, an intuition, a presumption and now it seemed concrete and final. Can I tell you today – that now I know – a diagnosis is not the final word and it does not have to define who someone is or who they will become!

More than anything a diagnoses provides a starting point to gain knowledge and then it can become a springboard from which you can use what you’ve learned to change the prescribed outcome; this is empowerment.

This is what happens when you trust in an unseen presence that can calm any storm and turn the tide of any situation!

Over the years this story has evolved. It’s a familiar story, yet an ever changing one with new chapters being written by virtue of constant living and it carries my heart with it as it travels along.

The heart of a mom who will never stop fighting.

As new developments and issues emerge I continue to pray, speak words of life over my son, read, write, and fight. It’s worth it all to see this young man grow into his own strengths, overcome obstacles, and face a bright future.

Another hurdle to overcome, the start of a new school year. Adjustments to the new schedule and a class that needs to be changed.

Typing quickly I began to state the reason for the email and then share a little of the backstory like I’ve done so many times over the years and sent the email off. My request was granted with no meeting required. If only all obstacles in life were resolved this fast and simple.

Rare maybe, but some days it is just that simple: ask and you will receive.
Receiving a quick answer to prayer can be like a spoonful of brown sugar and butter; it’s an on the go dessert that satisfies the soul and ignites our faith for the seasons that require a lot of waiting.

Have you ever put off something just knowing it’s going to be a process and your energy or lack there of is begging you not to engage in the battle?

“Just ask and it will be given to you; seek after it and you will find. Continue to knock and the door will be opened for you“ (Matthew 7:7).

I want encourage someone today that whether the battle is long or short – with God –  the outcome can be far different than what you anticipate and it is always worth the fight!

Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking, and eventually you will find yourself on the other side of the story receiving, finding and experiencing doors swinging wide open.

I’m cheering you on friend!

Love and Grace,

Joelle Povolni

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