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This is the best we could do for an Easter photo and this took real effort y’all.

My kids were mortified that we were using a selfie stick in our front yard where actual people could walk by, see us and even wave to us; their neighbors. No!

Well, we all survived, kind of. If you are a parent, you know exactly what I mean.

One of my favorite parts of Easter this year was not planned. Going to church, the yummy food, getting together with family and dyeing Easter eggs with my daughter was all wonderful and I’m so thankful for each of those things. The results of an impromptu decision on Good Friday led to an unplanned blessing for which I’m so grateful for.

The best moments are not always planned.

What was your favorite part of Easter Weekend?

That morning I took time to read in the gospel of Matthew. Later that day, on a whim, I decided to read the same scriptures to my kids. I figured I would get some push back when I mentioned it, but that is ok, I’m use to it by now.

I read out loud about the days leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, the time after His death and then how He rose again three days later. Before you roll your eyes or stop reading, no, we are not that “perfect family”. Yes, my kids, give me eye rolls and do not always cooperate with Bible reading or family devotions. Sometimes it gets quite messy in fact.

The kids and I talked about things that happened surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus for a few moments. Then my daughter was out the door to a friend’s house. Before leaving she reminded me that I read to them longer than for the few minutes that I promised.

I thought we were finished and then my 17 year old son says, “you can keep reading mom”.


Ok, I was rubbing his neck as I read, but still. HE ASKED FOR MORE. This is a win in my book! We must learn to recognize the wins of life in the middle of the chaos. They are worth celebrating!

So I read more from the different gospels and we chatted in between. Moments like this make a mama’s heart happy.

Many times of family devotions in our home have led to antsy kids, who are fussing and agitated with each other and us. We wonder why we even try in those instances. Have you been there?

My husband and I have not done it perfectly over the years and sometimes we have failed to do it at all during certain seasons of life. I’m thankful for God’s grace that fills in where we are weak or inconsistent or imperfect.

And then there are days like Good Friday, where an unplanned, impromptu moment led to a longer genuine conversation and lots of Bible reading and lots of neck rubbing. Hey, you do whatever it takes, right?

Yeah, they may have fussed a little when I first said, “I want to read you all something.” Resistance is normal y’all.

No one ever said raising kids would be easy. Humans are flawed and we ALL need God and those in our lives who won’t back down even when it’s chaotic and does not feel worth it in the moment.

If this comes easy in your family, I’m thankful for your sake that it does.

If it doesn’t, be encouraged that you are not alone.

If you have never made the effort or maybe you have tried and failed and stopped completely. Don’t feel guilty. Just start now.

Reading one scripture and praying together or maybe going through a short picture book (depending on your kids ages) is sometimes the best we can offer. I can’t give you a formula that will work every time. And even if I could, we all have kids that are various ages, with different temperaments and personalities and all the things. What works in my home may not work in yours.

Our kids are hungry for God’s Word even when they fight it, even when they act like it’s the last thing they want to hear and they are resistant to it.

I remember one family devotion in particular that left me discouraged and upset. I walked away from the family dinner table to cool off after things went completely sideways with kids fighting. Sometimes moms and dads need to put themselves in time out for their own sanity. Can I get a yes and an amen!

My son spoke up as I walked away from the family dinner table and said, “Mom, never give up on us.” He doesn’t remember saying this now, but I remember his words because they pierced my heart straight to the core.

Our children need us to never, ever stop trying, praying, believing in them and calling out the greatness in them. They need to see those that love them the most, fighting for them and doing the right thing even when it feels like an uphill battle.

Nothing speaks louder than family devotions that are much more about how we live every day in front of our kids than anything we can ever say to them.

None of us are perfect. Yes, we make a million and one mistakes. And then we have the opportunity to apologize to our kids, and ask for forgiveness a million and one times. We can ask God to help us be the parents our kids need daily. I know I need His help for sure.

Maybe by the time our kids leave home we’ll finally have a bit of a handle on parenting our own kids. Maybe.

The word of God promises that His Word will never return void. Fruit will come. We are not responsible for the results of what we do, but we are responsible for doing out part. Let’s keep trying. Some days we’ll get it right and other days no matter how right or good our intentions are, it will not go well. That’s ok too.

Here’s to impromptu moments on a Good Friday!

What felt and looked horrible at the cross is now called Good Friday. God has a way of taking the worst situations and turning them around for good, for His glory.

He never gave up on us. Let’s not give up either.

Happy Day After Easter my friends!

In It With You,

Joelle Povolni

P.S. You are a good parent, just in case you needed to hear that today! And by the way, if you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy this one too, So Not A Green Thumb and Parenting Is Not Easy Either.

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