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Because He is, I am.

I witnessed the securities of this life being stripped away. I thought I knew God. I had faith, then life slammed into my theology. I questioned God. How could He stand by and allow my world to fall apart? I grasped for human help, no one came to my rescue. I began to pursue God

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How To Not Let Stress Take Over!

I went there. I dove all in. I let the emotion, the frustrations, the doubts, and yes, even the anger tumble right out. I told God, then I told my husband. I guess some of us need to say it twice just to make sure we are heard loud and clear. The thoughts and emotions

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God Uses Unlikely People - Faith Caffeine - Joelle Povolni

God Uses Unlikely People

There are messages to be delivered, projects to be completed and battles to be won. God uses unlikely people to accomplish His will.  I dreaded speech class in college, but I got an A in spite of heart palpitations every time I had to speak in front of the class. I liked writing, but I

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