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Because He is, I am.

I witnessed the securities of this life being stripped away. I thought I knew God. I had faith, then life slammed into my theology. I questioned God. How could He stand by and allow my world to fall apart? I grasped for human help, no one came to my rescue. I began to pursue God

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Unraveled and Looking for Rest

Unraveled and Looking For Rest

I untied the knots and begin pulling the yarn which caused my project to unravel. The navy yarn piled up in my lap and looked like a messy bowl of navy yarn spaghetti. I kept undoing what I had once put together. I thought to myself, yup, this is how life feels right now. Unraveled

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Worship Is Warfare

Are You Tired Of Feeling Defeated?

Are you tired of feeling defeated? Ok, warning!! I’m on fire and worked up! Read on if you can handle a little straight talk and warfare strategy from a girl who’s done seeing the enemy have his way in our lives! From one who is over seeing so many of us feel defeat, therefore walk

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