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Because He is, I am.

I witnessed the securities of this life being stripped away. I thought I knew God. I had faith, then life slammed into my theology. I questioned God. How could He stand by and allow my world to fall apart? I grasped for human help, no one came to my rescue. I began to pursue God

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Your Pain Has A Purpose

This morning I am walking a little off kilter as my right foot has a small abrasion. Without a bit of pain, I may not have known it was even there. We don’t like pain for the most part. We’d rather avoid it, at least I would, and yet pain is often our alert system

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Let Peace Rule

I can be stubborn and strong willed. You? Maybe that is why I like the scriptures that talk about God doing what he wants. Well, I’m not God and when I do things that I want it’s not necessarily always the best choice. When God does what he pleases, he has His purpose and our

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