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Nothing about it made sense. Our Plans or God’s? Maybe it doesn’t even matter. We had prayed all summer long and felt nothing but a desert in our souls. My husband’s freelance work begin drying up more and more. The owners of the home we were renting decided to sell.

We had no visible direction.

My husband decided to reach out to a pastor friend of his, who he knew would be unbiased, and ask him to speak wisdom into our lives.

He confirmed some things we were sensing, but weren’t sure of. Then he asked Paul if he’d be willing to speak to one of his mentors, before we made any further decisions.

One phone call led to another phone call that led to an unexpected open door, that was never on our radar.

God can take our smallest cries for help, and convert them into wild miracles in disguise.

Jennifer Allwood says it this way, “Crisis often catapults us into our calling.”

As we took steps forward, having no clue if this was the right direction, God begin aligning things upon our behalf. Just as we would begin to question, another piece of the puzzle would fall into place.

Things didn’t go perfectly (as nothing ever does), but God was faithful. The peace we felt in our hearts, during our weekend visit to Mississippi, was a breath of fresh air. In less than two months we made the move from Colorado to the Magnolia State.

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps” (Proverbs 16:9 NLT).

Thank goodness, if we’re following God, He doesn’t leave it ALL up to us to figure out. His plans far exceed ours.

Fast forward to now, in a year of many unexpected transitions, I’m so thankful God is with us. I love that God invites us to be partners with Him and to help write the stories of our lives.

He graciously encourages us to create, dream, and make plans.

I know, I know, making plans in 2020 feels like a sad joke, but it is possible…

To try things.

To set our minds in a new direction.

To put ourselves out there and test new ground.

To allow transition to transform us; gaining new perspective and fresh clarity in our lives.

To adopt more flexibility and curiosity about the world we are in. 

Sometimes what we attempt pans out and other times it doesn’t. One is just as much a gift as the other. If you have tried something new or found yourself walking in a direction you thought you may love, and it turns out you don’t – consider yourself blessed. 

Taking risks often helps us hone in on the things we are passionate for, by making it clear what we’re not passionate about. 

God’s protection is with you as you step out, make new discoveries and hopefully become more self-aware.

Your “what if” moments don’t surprise God. 

He can handle them all. 

So if you’re concerned you’ll somehow miss your purpose, or not find God’s will – I promise you – God can break through the plans we make and redeem them in amazing ways. Whether it’s Our plans or God’s maybe it doesn’t matter because God’s got our back! 

The second post in this series, God’s Plans or Ours? Maybe it doesn’t matter – Part Two, will release next Thursday morning. If you haven’t subscribed to Faith Caffeine, so you won’t miss a post, you can do that here

Cheering you on friend!

With much love and grace,

Joelle Povolni 

For more: God’s ways are far above ours even when He answers our prayers differently than we expect. Here’s a little extra encouragement, God Can Use The Improbable And Impossible Seeds Of Our Lives!

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