The day the electric outlet box for our dryer was repaired I felt free again.

It’s so wild how such a small thing can change the way you live.

No more last-minute loads of laundry to run through the dryer, just in time for an event or a trip. Everything had to be washed in advance, so the clothes had at least 8 to 24 hours to dry. If we needed them faster, we piled wet clothes in a basket and headed to my mom’s house, a few miles away, to use her dryer.

I know, these are first world problems y’all. However, we often forget the many blessings that we have at our fingertips.

Nine months prior to this, my husband was laid off his job. No one expects this and yet, fate arrives. No warning. It just marches right in the middle of our realities and changes what we know.

In the first few days after the news came, it was devastating and yet in a weird sort of way it felt freeing – like a blessing in disguise. If you’re a believer you know that God is not surprised by the sudden turn of events that often appear to set us back. So we chose to believe that God was up to something new in our lives.

God had sustained us in the past so many times and He would do it again. My husband instantly became self-employed as well as he began applying for jobs leaving his options open. What a journey we found ourselves on.

So when our house almost caught fire nine months later, from the electrical box melting our dryer cord, we stopped using the dryer and waited. That’s what you do when your income is up and down and you are unsure of what is next.

You wait and pray and work and hang clothes out on eight-foot ladders, step ladders, clothes racks, decorative room divider screens, and anything else that will work.

Often when problems come, we tend to shrink back and not say too much to around others. We don’t want to feel shame or hear the unfair judgements or advice of others.

Stepping out in a new direction and launching our own business is not easy, in fact it is risky and takes a lot faith to keep moving forward.

There are times God ask us to step out on the water with him and to trust that if we fall he will be there to catch us, keep us from drowning, and even help us back into the boat if needed.

How will you or I ever know, if we aren’t willing to take a chance and step into the unknown? Be willing to look past all the opinions, to the one opinion that matters most.

The day finally came when we were able to get the dryer electrical box fixed. Thank you Jesus! I had all the happy feels of freedom! Now I would be able to easily wash and dry clothes, and no more hanging all the clothes and towels out to dry, piece by piece.

No more eight-foot ladders, step ladders, clothes racks, decorative room divider screens, and door handles holding wet shirts and pants and jeans, which by the way take forever to hang dry. Oh, and no more towels that feel hard and crunchy after air drying for days, and . . . my bedroom would actually begin to look normal once again.

I was ecstatic!

My friend, if you are feeling shame because your life is not looking how you intended, as fast as you thought, hang in there! Know that you are not alone! It will come!

I love how scripture says, “let us strip off every weight that slows us down” (Hebrews 12:1). Let’s strip off shame, guilt, the victim mentality, anger, and all the things that are so easy for us to put on and wear for far too long.

Exposing our stories in the light of God’s love, removes the enemy’s ability to shame us in the dark. Let’s leave no room for shame and guilt to work in our lives.

God promises us that he will never leave or forsake us, that he will bless us, provide for and protect us, and those promises are backed by all the honor of his name (Psalm 138:2) and “there is no greater to swear by” (Hebrews 6:13).

“This confidence is like a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls” (Hebrews 6:19).

Often God’s “come through this situation” is wildly different to what we envision. Yet, it’s powerful and for our good, even if we get squeamish, feel all of the human uncertainties, and want to run. All I know is that each of us are in His hands, and His arms are there to catch us should we fall. He won’t let you drown my friend!

I can’t promise what next month will look like or even next week or tomorrow or that you won’t have to wait several months or years before life feels like any kind of “normal” again. All I know is that we have today.

All good gifts, even those who repair what’s broken, come from God.

He uses our friends and family to often bless us if we’re brave enough to share the places of our lives that feel unsettled. Let’s be courageous together my friends. There is nothing like sharing our stories with one another to encourage each other and often through this act of vulnerability, there will come a strength, from God, that the enemy cannot touch.

Please let me know if this has spoken to your heart in any way. I would love to hear from you.

In It With You!

Joelle Povolni

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