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There are instances in life where you know that you know.

When I met Paul, at 18 years old, I knew that I knew somehow, someway I would marry this man. I told my mom this exact thing. Three years later I walked down the aisle and he was waiting for me there.

When my husband left a study job of nine years to start his own business, I knew that I knew it was time.

Was it scary? YES!

Was it worth it? Some days no, others days yes, and in the end a whopping YES because of the faith adventure this decision sent us on. 

When we began house shopping for a larger home, less than a year after going into business for ourselves, I knew that it was the next right thing.

I didn’t know why. God did.

When our business came to a halt with the financial Crash of 2008, I learned in a profound way who walks with us into the darkest places of our lives. And who still proves to be a miracle working God even when life feels relentlessly hard. 

Sometimes what we know that we know is deeply challenged. We may learn what we thought we knew, and what we find to be true is more profound, difficult, empowering, frustrating, and freeing than what we ever could have imagined.

When my husband and I started a church, I knew we were called to step out and act upon our faith. When we closed the church, that took a lot of faith and courage too.

When others did not understand or support our decision, we learned once again that others won’t always get behind what we know that we know we have to do and that is ok.

“Clarity is the process of letting others be disappointed in us.” Christine Kane

When we moved to Mississippi with nothing but peace in our hearts, I knew it was time to go. 

When I was asked to lead and teach in a capacity I had never experienced before, and I did not feel equipped, I said, “yes.” I knew deep down it was God asking, not man.

When I started writing and sharing what I write, it felt scary, vulnerable, and awkward. Yet, to this day I know that I know this is part of what I am called to do.

When my husband was laid off his job, I knew that God had us in the palm of his hands. He still does.

In this journey when the bank account appears close to empty and answers to prayer do not look like they are arriving on time, I still know that I know God is up to something great.

Have you ever considered that God trusts you and I with the situations we are facing? Maybe this life is more about what we are doing right, than what we are doing wrong.

Stepping out to walk on water with Jesus does not come without great risk. When we take a chance and find God faithful, we can know that we know that He’s got our back. 

“If God is for us, who can ever be against us” (Romans 8:31)?

These “deep knowing’s” are risky adventures in the wild world of faith. Others may think you or I are crazy. That is ok, sometimes I think I’m crazy too. 

Some acts of obedience turn out very different to what we envision. Others exceed our expectations in every way. 

Some make no practical sense, in fact, most do not at the time. Yet, God has a plan.

People may be disappointed in us or even disapprove of our choices. Gaining vision and walking forward into our passion and purpose is worth the disapproval we may receive from others.

However . . .

I have found that following God has brought joy and pain and loss and gain. This is real life. This is how we learn and grow.

This has shown me how to dig deep and become a warrior that never, ever gives up.

A warrior who:

Believes the best, not the worst.

Forgives much, because we have been forgiven of much.

Believes what we do not see, until we see it come to pass.

Prays and Speaks out what does not exist, until it does.

Knows we must take a risk in order to step out by faith and see the impossible.

Treasures the gifts God has given to us in family, faith and true friendships.

Is determined to never stop encouraging others to dig deep too, grip God and never, ever give up!

Run wild for Jesus my beautiful friend! 

We all have a warrior within that needs to come out! 

R: run your race with your eyes focused
U: unleash your gifts by serving others
N: navigate your thoughts by training your mind

W: worship God in & through it all
I: ignite your faith to fulfill your purpose
L: love yourself, God, and others
D: die to self to walk in greater freedom

Let’s Run Wild God’s Way, so we can live out our wildest dreams in this great adventure.

In It With You friend!

With much love and grace,
Joelle Povolni

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