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No one ever wants a word from God Like this.

Actually three words written on yellow sticky note by a trusted spiritual mentor. Three words predicting a life storm that was not only brewing, but clearly coming straight for me.

Dating it I put the sticky note in the BACK of my Bible. The back, because really? “Weather the Storm.” No! I want a different forecast for my future. And . . . P.S. God, I’m tired of storms—end of discussion. That is that.

After a bit of personal reflection I decided to work on a few storms I felt brewing in my soul. Maybe I could head off the bigger storm coming or at least calm the possible effects if I was proactive.

You know, little things (being facetious) like unforgiveness, bitterness, rejection, hurt, and insecurities. God helped me and I walked through a process of letting Him heal my soul and slowly clean out the build up of dirt and disappointments. This was hard. This was good. This continues because #lifehappens.

September 28, 2017 the storm hit.

I have lived long enough for God, that I know that I know, He is the God of miracles because I have experienced His miracles in my life.

When God chooses not to stop the storm or immediately turn it around and he allows us to struggle through it (AGAIN—this was not our first rodeo) — it can throw us a bit off balance. Especially when we know what God is capable of.

Romans 4:16-22 in the New Living Translation became my sustaining power once I stumbled upon these scriptures. I read them daily until it felt like they became part of the way I thought and spoke. I’m sure others thought I was crazy or too spiritual or just not being real. Who cares y’all. When you are fighting for your sanity and freedom you do whatever you have to do! Right? No shame here!

This is life in the storm.

Over 2018 more storms would develop all while the larger storm had not disappeared either. Their strength combined was fierce. How much can one endure? Apparently a lot more than you or I think.

This is life in the storm.

What was born through these series of life events simultaneously spinning out of control, I was not prepared for.

I thought the pressure would take me out or at least shut me up. And it did for a while.

Who wants to fulfill their dreams and conquer the world when their life is smashed upside down and the hits keep coming.

The enemy spoke lies.

God whispered truth.

I was reborn.

A deeper tenacity, resolve, boldness, and strength, than I have ever experienced in my life, rose up. A determination to FIGHT God’s way and to serve the enemy notice that he will NOT gain any ground in my life or the lives of those I am praying over.

This is life in the storm.

It may not come easy. It may feel like you are being torn a part. If you hold fast to the promises of God-there is hope.

This is life in the storm.

One evening especially, it was like God flipped a switch in my soul to wake me up and help me recognize the power of the one living in me. God is greater than the one living in this world. I gained a new resolve to refuse the powerful effects of circumstances and to trust God more than the force threatening to push me over or knock the wind out of my lungs.

Take notice friends, a year and a half after I received that yellow sticky note. A year and a half later, while the storm continues to brew:

I’m still here! 1-3-2019

I’m still here is a declaration of God’s mighty right hand upholding my family and I!

I’m still here is a testimony that the enemy cannot take from you more than you will allow him to have.

I’m still here is a notification that God’s Word is more powerful than the sharpest of swords and it can sustain us through the worst of the worst and through the best of the best of times.

I’m still here is the voice of faith (while sometimes shaky & unstable) refusing to bow to earthly circumstances or obey the voice of fear.

I’m still here is a rising up of inner strength, boldness, tenacity, and courage to have confidence in God like never before.

I’m still here is the voice you may need to hear today.

You are not alone!

Weather the Storm!

There is freedom and power brewing as you cling to the God who has conquered death, hell, and the grave.

The storm is not your enemy friend.

I’m still here and I promise you, by God’s power, I am stronger now than I was before. You can be too.

The storms are not over or all finished in my life.

This is life in the storm.

That is ok.

I’m now more interested in what God is building than what the enemy is stirring up. Storms or not, I will not give up!

Happy New Year friends! I’m still here and if you are reading this you are too!

Let’s encourage one another in this New Year to gain strength through what God has for us!

In this journey with you! With much grace and love,

Joelle Povolni

“In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God” (Romans 4:20 NLT).

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