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Let’s just say I have more-than-a-few secret hiding places and I’m always creating new ones on the fly.

Staying one step ahead of my children is a must during certain seasons of parenting. I developed the “never put the prized possession in the same hiding spot” strategy when I take away privileges due to their less than great behavior. This keeps everyone on their toes or maybe I’m a mom leaning on the crazy side.

Once my sweet one has earned the prized possession back, by completing chores, homework, or exhibiting good behavior – my life gets a little messy. Depending on the transpiring events, the latest hiding spot has been known to slip my mind from time to time. The search begins… my kids and husband say, “if mom put it away – it could be anywhere”.

Cleaning the house falls under the same category. Have you ever straightened up in a hurry, stashing things here or there? My motto: put your things away or I’m not responsible for where they end up. Yes, my kids and husband will attest to this too. We have found things in “unique” places and often hours – maybe even days – after we originally began looking. Now, it’s not this bad on most days; just during those crazy moments of “mom insanity”. I’m sure no other women reading this post can relate. Eventually, no matter how creative my hiding spots are, what has been hidden is found; nothing is lost forever.

Now, it’s not this bad on most days; just during those crazy moments of “mom insanity”.

I’m good at hiding things, but not good at remembering all that I hide and where I hide it. What better challenge than to accept the task of hiding something in one place and KNOW what I’ve hidden and where.

Jumping on that challenge wholeheartedly, I bought an index card spiral bound booklet, printed out my Siesta Scripture Memory Team cover from Beth Moore’s Living Proof Ministries Blog, and inserted it in the front. I was pumped to hide some Word deep within, along with my favorite Bible teacher, Beth Moore, and all the other women jumping on board this year. The goal: every two weeks memorize one scripture and hide it in one place – easy to find; of course I can do this, I’m the queen of hiding things!

I read and read and re-read, I memorized each line, and I had my daughter test me over and again until I could quote what I was hiding, word for word. Then week two, on to the next scripture; I was on a roll. I had this! Hiding words of purpose, words of promise and words of “true life” in my heart.

Deep within me I have hidden Your word so that I will never sin against You. Psalm 119:11 (the voice)
“Deep within me I have hidden Your word so that I will never sin against You.” Psalm 119:11 (the voice)

Maybe it was the pace, our busy schedule, the fact that I struggle to memorize in general or just the season of life I’m in. I could quote what I recently committed to memory, but I found myself forgetting parts of what I learned a few weeks prior. Four scriptures and eight weeks in – I fell off the train. Why did I think I could do this?

[Tweet “My motive: not just to know the Word, but to let it become a part of who I am – not a thing I do.”]

Discouraged for a bit, I stopped trying. Hunger produces desire; a longing for His Word hidden within – so I reinvented the challenge and started over. My motive: not just to know the Word, but to let it become a part of who I am – not a thing I do. The new challenge: keep reading, keep memorizing and keep dwelling on a scripture – no matter how long it takes – before moving forward to the next one. I want to KNOW and then BECOME, not just do.

If you are one who can memorize easily, count it a blessing and I encourage you to download the scriptures in your heart & never stop! For me the struggle is making the journey that much sweeter. I’m learning to “be”.

His Word is resting in me as I soak in it. As silly as it sounds I carry my scripture index cards with me to work, in my purse and wherever I go. It’s always within reach to look at, absorb, say, think on and memorize. What we dwell on, what we continuously layer deep within our hearts will change us. What is hidden will be revealed; it creates the very foundation of who we are and who we will become.

“I’ve banked your promises in the vault of my heart so I won’t sin myself bankrupt.” Psalms 119:11 (msg)

In this journey I’m asking His Spirit to bring life, letting it rise up from within. Our humanity, our flesh, has nothing to offer – only with KNOWING Christ do we begin to discover who we are and who we can become in Him. If we will allow His Spirit, He will create a solid foundation within – one that will hold the weight of the great future he has planned for each of us.


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