Ok y’all, I’m the biggest fan of Christmas;

putting up the Christmas tree, all the lights, finding special presents for loved ones, enjoying the family moments together, baking and celebrating the birth of Christ.

However, this Christmas season, wasn’t what I expected.

Yes, there were absolutely beautiful moments I will always treasure. I am forever thankful for so much, and yes, we are blessed beyond measure.

Yet, there were days I woke up with tension headaches that lasted all day, a-right-before-Christmas hospital stay for my father that wasn’t looking good and yet, God did come through in a miraculous way. I was also finishing up a college class-that I absolutely knew I was suppose to take-that created extra stress and less time to make Christmas happen for my family.

These were just a few of the things going on, and I could tell you a whole lot more, believe me.

I’m NOT complaining. I’m sharing that none of us are living in perfect worlds. We all can be super thankful and yet, feel depleted and exhausted and needing to be filled up once again.

If this is you, you are not alone.

Here is my gift to you: You can be fulfilling what you believe God has called you to do in this season and yet, it may NOT be easy. You may have to fight for your peace, be very intentional on what and who you listen to, how you spend your time, and guard your heart and mind by keeping your eyes on Jesus-not others.

This does not mean you are out of God’s will.

This means that the enemy is well aware of your potential and he plans on not making it easy for you to fulfill what God has called you too. However, God is greater! And God always has the last say!

You may be walking through a season that has required so much out of you just to stand firm in your faith and not give in to believing the lies of the enemy. If this is you, I get it! I’m right there with you as our family walks through some situations that have felt impossible to overcome.

So if you need this word, know you are NOT alone, this is for you. Not only this, but I believe God has so much more for us all in this New Year to come.

So I’m throwing this out here early. This is coming from a girl who often has NOT had a “word” for the upcoming year.

I’ve known when God has told me to hold onto and to be expectant of HOPE, or to be BOLD. I didn’t claim those words for a certain time frame necessarily. I just began walking in hope, looking for hope and proclaiming hope over my life.

I began to uncover the ways God was asking me to be BOLD and take action in those areas no matter how uncertain or scared I felt and I am still trying to do this.

However, it came to me yesterday morning in such a deep and intimate way. It struck a cord that brought me to tears (I know this doesn’t take much, but go with me here). It was simply the word: REPLENISH. My heart needed to hear this. I googled the definition just to be sure and it means: to fill something up.

Some of you, like me, have found yourself empty, like an open vessel or container waiting to be filled up again in beautiful, deep, and meaningful ways.

God knows all the crevices of our lives that only He can restore, fill and make new.

God is saying to some of us, “I will fill you up in new and beautiful ways and lavish you with my love. I will fill you. Trust me.”

He empties us out, so He can fill us a fresh.

Here are some things I feel like God spoke clearly to my heart and I’d love to hear from you if you feel this is for you too:

– You can’t dig yourself out of a hole over night. Listen to my voice. I will show you how and my ways are more effective than yours.
– I will restore. I will replenish to overflowing.
– I will make all things new.
– I will fill you up in ways you cannot imagine.
– I will rebuild what has been torn down or taken away.
– Look to me alone. I will do it.

“For I will refresh the weary soul and replenish all who are weak” (Jeremiah 31:25).

“Then the nations all around—all those still left—will know that I, the Lord, rebuilt the ruins and planted lush crops in the wilderness. For I, the Lord, have promised this, and I will do it” (Ezekiel 36:36).

So here it is. Raw, fresh on my heart, and it’s my gift to you, should this word align with what God is speaking to you.

Whatever God is imprinting on your heart for the next season, I encourage you to begin proclaiming it for 2020. Maybe even ask God what adjustments you can make in your life that will prepare you to receive and be filled up with all God has for you.

Keep yourself open to being replenished in unexpected ways. We serve a good God who loves surprising His children.

This is being sent out with much love and grace as we approach this New Year of 2020. Grace yourself friend. You are still here! You have held on! You have been obedient to what God has asked of you. He will reward and fill you!

I’m cheering you on and I believe in you and more than that, I believe in the God who sustains and fills us all to overflowing!

With much love and grace,
Joelle Povolni

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!

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