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I honestly cannot remember one time where the next right thing that God was calling me to, was something I wanted to do initially.

Maybe you all are better natured than I.

Maybe you surrender faster to His will.

Maybe you are not as strong willed, or opinionated, or you don’t get as caught up in what your own dreams are verses what God might ask you to do.

Although this last one tends to get me stuck and mess with me more than ever, I should know better by now.

Here’s a secret y’all: God really does move in mysterious ways, on our behalf. He is NOT against us even when it feels as though He may be.

If we are open, if we are willing to bend and not stay stuck, if we are willing to follow when it does not make sense, or even do what God is calling us to—when it’s not what we “think” it should be—it’s amazing how God sets the lonely in families.

“God sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6). Our relationships ARE important to God. 

I haven’t always, fully comprehended the impact of this beautiful gift God gives.

Or realized how much “others” in my life have and will continue to change me. How they partner with God to help mold and shape me into who I am today, and into who I am becoming.

How “they” will literally help escort me closer to the dreams that God knows is bubbling in my heart, even when it looks as though the direct opposite is happening.

He blesses us with “others.” With imperfect relationships, because we are imperfect people who desperately need more of Jesus and the gift of one another (even us introverts).

The new people where God has placed you may not feel like “family” immediately, give it time.

Some may rub you raw at first. We all have rough edges that need to disappear.

God won’t force us to bend, to go, or stay either, we must become willing.

We may come from different backgrounds and places and we may look nothing a like. And yet, that is the beauty of it.

Over time, trust is built. Over time, we know we can count on one another.
Over time, we realize the gifts God places in our lives in others.
Over time we see, if we trust God with all that doesn’t quite make sense, He places us right where we need to be.

Over time, even those who bring conflict in our lives can become our greatest gift-if we’ll allow God to use them to build us strong, not bitter.

Stay open. Be willing to budge, bend, and bond with others who are different than you. Your growth in this area will benefit you and others more than you know.

Be willing to put the unknown in the hands of a God that KNOWS! Even when I don’t know if God is good, He is!

What we resist the most often is our biggest gift disguised as a challenge. If only we trusted God’s good intentions for us more. #preachingtomyself

Be open to listening to His voice.

Be open to acting upon those nudging’s in your heart that keep resurfacing.

Be open when things looks different to your own desires.

Be open to trusting God with your dreams during the wilderness places of your life, where it seems we question everything. This season will NOT last forever.

Let’s not forget to be intentional about giving thanks this day for God and the gift of others!

God loves us enough to set us in different “families” all throughout our lives; He gives us friends, people we meet when we’re going back to college in our 40’s, pastors, members of our church, co-workers, leaders, neighbors, the person who aggravates us, and those we may meet in the grocery store-can and often will imprint us for a lifetime for both the bad, good, and in between.

It takes all manner of people, and believe me, God has a way of using them ALL to bring us into our full potential. It’s worth it friend.

I encourage you to tell someone how much they mean to you and what a gift from God they are in your life today. Remember, gifts come wrapped up in ALL kinds of unique packages. They are beautiful opportunities that God entrust in our care. Let’s steward our gifts well.

With much love & grace,


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