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Comparison is a trap. I know this in an up close and personal way. I bet you do too. Most of the time we are only seeing a smokescreen, not behind the scenes when we look at other’s lives. With social media we see what people want us to see, and there is a whole lot of life no one ever sees. You can’t compare inaccurate views and come up with anything that makes sense.

Everyday life is not glamorous. The family photo that took 67 shots to get one decent picture is real life. The struggles that cause our heart to ache. The sacrifices that no one sees. The prayers that keep us up at night. The commitment to God and one another, through the difficult times in marriage and family that we don’t share. All of these things may lead to beautiful results and life that God has blessed, but the hardship to get there is rarely seen.

It’s the small decisions, made every single day, that determines the direction of our lives. Comparing our behind the scenes to other’s highlight reels is deceptive and unwise.

Comparison is a Trap

“We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” – 2nd Corinthians 10:12

You can wonder why. . .

everything they touch turns to gold.

their children do not seem to struggle.

their marriage looks effortless.

they are living the dream.

they have financial freedom.

they have solid, loyal friendships.

Wondering why “they” have and you don’t is dangerous.

Comparison distorts our view, detracts from what god has entrusted to us, and leads to despair. It’s a scenario we rarely play out the truth of in our mind until it’s too late. Comparison is a trap the enemy sets, beware.

We all fall in the trap of staring, glaring, and comparing at one time or another. Just as we think we have overcome in this area of our life, the enemy presses in. The fight gets tougher and there is more at stake. Maybe in the past there was envy for possessions and now that is not the issue.

We have gotten better at guarding our hearts and minds and yet, the thoughts can slip in. We didn’t mean to go there. We desire their position, influence, favor, marriage, or ministry. This is deception. If you were ready for the desires of y

The longer I trust in God and the longer I observe the faithful to his call, I see more clearly than ever that comparison kills and things are never as they seem when your looking over the fence. The enemy wants you paralyzed and isolated with all of your why’s yelling loudly in your ear. He wants you believing that God will not come through for you. This is an all out war on your soul.

I confess I don’t like war, but war is necessary. Some days an average life sounds comforting compared to conquering mountains, but really? Deep down we were all created for a powerful, overcoming and purposeful life.

You will never feel more fulfilled than when you are fulfilling the purpose God created you for and yes, it will involve a battle.

If you believe in God and live by faith you are a target of the enemy. That fact use to keep me from stepping out to live a life by faith. No more! Even though I have days, weeks, or seasons that I would love to hide, this is no longer an option.

If you are where I have been and where I easily fall into at times—that’s ok. No need to feel alone. No need to feel ashamed. No need to feel guilty. You are in a perfect position to stand up again and dust off the lies of the enemy, and join me in standing on God’s promises again!

God is greater beautiful one.

God is greater man of God.

You were created for this battle with God’s mighty power pouring into your life, making a way where there seems to be none. You were created to have weak areas so that God can be your strength. You were meant to conquer territory that no one else can, in spite of your failures. You were created for victory!

“. . .  Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1st John 4:4). Know this: the greater the battle the greater the grace, the greater the provision, the stronger your faith becomes, and the greater His power from His unlimited resources will pour in and through your life.

Don’t listen any longer to the lies of the enemy. He can be so stinking convincing. Shut him down. You have the authority in Jesus Name.

Let’s rise up together friends!

Let’s stop all the glaring, staring, and comparing – it will kill you and I slowly, and steal our joy and strength. I know because I have given in one too many times.

Will you rise up with me?

God will equip you for the battle as you stay in His word, worship the God who never fails, and walk in His ways through the wilderness right into your promised land. Even there, faith and leaning on His mighty power is needed more than ever. So keep doing all the things you know to do. It will pay off!

It’s worth it friend. An intimate relationship with the creator of the universe makes it all worth it. He is our reward in this journey and beyond!

In It With You friends.

With much love and grace,

Joelle Povolni

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