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Is Anything Certain With Having Faith?

Joelle Povolni

July 14, 2020

Empathy and Prayer Go A Long Way!

Though her circumstances were worse than mine by comparison, she loved me just the same. She held my hand. She prayed for me. She reached out to me in spite of what she was going through herself. She showed love, compassion and empathy. She connected with my emotions, my heart and she had just met

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Will You Believe?

We all are conditioned to believe certain things by the culture we are apart of, by the families we grew up in, by the words that were spoken over us, by the actions of those who surround us, the things we are taught in school, church, our community, our work environment, and by the lies

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Process Your Emotions

One year for Christmas our budget was limited. During the weeks leading up to the Holidays I sold my daughters Barbie town house, her red kitchen play set, and a few other things the kids no longer played with. Cleaning things out can be therapeutic, profitable, and fun. Christmas morning came and Paul and the

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Is It Okay To Say I’m Fine When I’m Not?

I know what it is like to smile and say that I am doing fine, when my reality is full of uncertainty. Is it okay to say, “I’m fine,” when I’m not fine? Have you ever wondered about this? Not everyone can handle our stories as we are experiencing them, nor should they. We may

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To Every Woman On Mother’s Day

I want to honor all the women and the moms who give us life, and who influence us with their love and life. Over and over again in my life I have found myself in the presence of unique women who have impacted my life in amazing ways. I want to honor every woman today,

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The Best Moments Are Not Always Planned

This is the best we could do for an Easter photo and this took real effort y’all. My kids were mortified that we were using a selfie stick in our front yard where actual people could walk by, see us and even wave to us; their neighbors. No! Well, we all survived, kind of. If

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When We Don't Fit In

When We Don’t Fit In

In all the different stages of life there are times when we don’t fit in. We just can’t seem to find our place, where we belong or who we belong with. There is awkwardness and frustration. Others may not understand or know. It’s not what we planned, it’s where we find ourselves. Could it even

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How Can I Know God Will?

That first time you taste a mouth watering, juicy steak, it blows your mind. Especially if you have grown up having well done steaks. I remember the first time I tasted the Australian dessert, Pavlova. I was in awe and at a loss for words to describe the light texture along with a sweet crunch,

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Negativity Is A Dream Killer

I fall flat into the temptation of negativity so often. I can point out the issues and tell you all the things that are wrong—especially how others are missing this or that. When there are glitches, cracks, and lack of preparation—it’s glaringly obvious to me. This can be a gift if my mindset is to

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When You Are Tempted To Say No

She faced an awkward moment when Jesus gave no reply to her request. The disciples had no compassion and urged Jesus to send her away. Jesus had just arrived in the area where she was from and intended on speaking to his disciples and the Israelites first. Yet, word spread and she came, because she

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Let Peace Rule

I can be stubborn and strong willed. You? Maybe that is why I like the scriptures that talk about God doing what he wants. Well, I’m not God and when I do things that I want it’s not necessarily always the best choice. When God does what he pleases, he has His purpose and our

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Will You Trust Me?

If you are wrestling I get it. What we see and hear can throw us off balance. We believe and pray and yet, we are disappointed in what we see. If you have been caught off guard by the news, maybe recognizing it as news—not necessarily truth—will help you move forward today. “Truth is what

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When You Know That You Know

There are instances in life where you know that you know. When I met Paul, at 18 years old, I knew that I knew somehow, someway I would marry this man. I told my mom this exact thing. Three years later I walked down the aisle and he was waiting for me there. When my

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Faith Over The Impossible

Breathe deep. If you need a word of encouragement go ahead and read these scriptures out loud in your mind. You know what I mean – Ha, ha. Place an emphasis where needed. Visualize what God can do with your finite abilities and resources or lack there of. That thing that is impossible in your

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I’m Still Here! Life in The Storm.

No one ever wants a word from God Like this. Actually three words written on yellow sticky note by a trusted spiritual mentor. Three words predicting a life storm that was not only brewing, but clearly coming straight for me. Dating it I put the sticky note in the BACK of my Bible. The back,

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Worship Is Warfare

Are You Tired Of Feeling Defeated?

Are you tired of feeling defeated? Ok, warning!! I’m on fire and worked up! Read on if you can handle a little straight talk and warfare strategy from a girl who’s done seeing the enemy have his way in our lives! From one who is over seeing so many of us feel defeat, therefore walk

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There's a note on the red door, "Joelle Lives Here!" You are welcome!

You Are Welcome Here

You are at the right place. Welcome home friend! Our son, who was seven at the time, put a note on the outside of our front door that read: Jaden lives here. He was simply making a statement. He was making certain that our first time guests knew that they had arrived at the right

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You And I Can’t Make People Change

Oh, I have tried and failed at this. You and I can’t make people change. Not our friends, our parents, our spouses, or our children. This can feel scary and overwhelming at times. We can’t make people have a change of heart. We can’t control their decisions. We can’t “preach” at them enough to change

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Comparison is a Trap

Comparison is a trap. I know this in an up close and personal way. I bet you do too. Most of the time we are only seeing a smokescreen, not behind the scenes when we look at other’s lives. With social media we see what people want us to see, and there is a whole

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