Pleasing God is not about being perfect or performing well.

Joelle Povolni

September 9, 2020

We Can Do This!

Our family lived in Colorado for three years at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Within a few months of moving there, our first major snow storm came in early October, the 5th of the month to be exact. The snow storms continued coming on and off through May of the following year. This was

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Even When I don’t Know God Is Good, He Is!

I honestly cannot remember one time where the next right thing that God was calling me to, was something I wanted to do initially. Maybe you all are better natured than I. Maybe you surrender faster to His will. Maybe you are not as strong willed, or opinionated, or you don’t get as caught up

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Trust Feels Hard Some Days

I forget. I question. I don’t understand. I try to figure out God’s plan for me, or I tell Him how I want Him to do it, or I just set my expectations on something without asking Him first (this does not end well for me), or I get all caught up in my own

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God Will Replenish and Fill You Up!

Ok y’all, I’m the biggest fan of Christmas; putting up the Christmas tree, all the lights, finding special presents for loved ones, enjoying the family moments together, baking and celebrating the birth of Christ. However, this Christmas season, wasn’t what I expected. Yes, there were absolutely beautiful moments I will always treasure. I am forever

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The Lord Is!

We chose a name, for our baby boy to be, that means in Hebrew: Jehovah has heard, thankful, and praising God with up raised hands. We found so much joy in naming the little life growing in my womb once we found out that we were having a baby boy. Jaden Paul Povolni would be

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Two years into our unexpected journey of self-employment, simple answers have felt just out of reach.  God’s never left us or forsaken us, although there are days we have felt a bit lost. Like we are wandering on the back side of a wilderness and we can’t find the pathway out.  Doubt can settle in

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We Are Not Enough And This Is Okay

I’m a fan of pumpkin flavored anything near fall. I made my coffee with milk, a few drops of cream, honey, and sprinkles of Pumpkin Pie spice on top. I heated up my homemade creamer in a mug and poured the coffee in. I headed to the car to be on my way and began

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We All Tell Stories. Our Lives Speak.

What we repeat, we remember. We all tell stores. Our lives speak. I used to write it all down when I was angry or upset. Listing out all that happened and why I was justified to feel the way I felt. Now I have no desire to read those journals and all of those words.

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Already Done For You

Sitting and hoping for food to appear is absolutely ridiculous. Yet, you and I often do this exact thing when it comes to what we say we want to experience in our lives. When things are extremely busy or I’m working on interesting projects, I forget about eating. On days that are slower or involve

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We’ve All Believed The Lies!

My husband traveled with a play company in Australia as an actor, dancer, and makeup artist in his early twenties before we knew one another. Actors create believable characters. They memorize lines, portray another’s mannerisms and characteristics, and cause us to believe in another time, place, and narrative. Their intention is to tell us a

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The Worst Part of Not Knowing, Is Not Knowing!

The worst part of not knowing, is not knowing. Time can be our greatest gift and our greatest test. When my husband was laid off from his job two years ago, nothing I was reading in Romans jumped out at me until I read Romans 4:16-25. This portion of the Bible became life and breath

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God can use

God Can Use The Improbable And Impossible Seeds Of Our Lives!

Some things are unexplainable, they look crooked and difficult, and seem impossible. God Can Use The Improbable And Impossible Seeds Of Our Lives! As a baby, my son screamed if a man he did not know tried to hold him besides his father, grandfathers, or close family friends. As a toddler he balled and balled

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No Parking Without Hope!

I sat the pumpkins out in the kitchen and my “Happy Fall Y’all” wooden sign on the fireplace mantel, even though outside it’s hot and humid and the temps are reaching over 90 degrees. I’m ready for the seasons to change from summer to fall, and in a few days the calendar promises it will.

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Empathy and Prayer Go A Long Way!

Though her circumstances were worse than mine by comparison, she loved me just the same. She held my hand. She prayed for me. She reached out to me in spite of what she was going through herself. She showed love, compassion and empathy. She connected with my emotions, my heart and she had just met

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Will You Believe?

We all are conditioned to believe certain things by the culture we are apart of, by the families we grew up in, by the words that were spoken over us, by the actions of those who surround us, the things we are taught in school, church, our community, our work environment, and by the lies

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Process Your Emotions

One year for Christmas our budget was limited. During the weeks leading up to the Holidays I sold my daughters Barbie town house, her red kitchen play set, and a few other things the kids no longer played with. Cleaning things out can be therapeutic, profitable, and fun. Christmas morning came and Paul and the

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Is It Okay To Say I’m Fine When I’m Not?

I know what it is like to smile and say that I am doing fine, when my reality is full of uncertainty. Is it okay to say, “I’m fine,” when I’m not fine? Have you ever wondered about this? Not everyone can handle our stories as we are experiencing them, nor should they. We may

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To Every Woman On Mother’s Day

I want to honor all the women and the moms who give us life, and who influence us with their love and life. Over and over again in my life I have found myself in the presence of unique women who have impacted my life in amazing ways. I want to honor every woman today,

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