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Are you doing more than you possibly thought you could at this stage of your life? Are you being stretched in every direction? Are some or all or a lot of the things NOT what you planned for?

[Tweet “Miracles and personal growth are never packaged the way we envision.”]

I’ve been disappointed, angry and frustrated and I have even complained more than once about the package – my package. Who wants the package you didn’t plan for? You can complain or you can plan to not complain anymore and change your emphasis. Shawn Achor says this in his book, The Happiness Advantage, ” . . . we see what we look for, and we miss the rest.” Are you looking at your package or are you looking to see what your package can become? Do not miss seeing the future God has for you by staring at your now. Maybe your “now” is preparing you for that future.

All my emotions did not change my life, but changing my emphasis has. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  1. Decide to do at least one thing on an ongoing basis that inspires you.
  2. Do not let the scarcity of time, money, clean dishes or encouragement stop you. [Tweet “There is always a version of your dream that you can practice and pursue now.”]
  3. Keep showing up to do number one and number two even when it’s hard or your heart and soul will shrivel up into hopelessness.

Invigorating for me looks like painting a room, ripping down wallpaper and moving furniture. What does it look like for you? I love to learn, grow, write and encourage others too. What lights up your soul?

What inspires you?

Conducive to my current schedule or not, with all I’m trying to accomplish and what I am already doing, I tore it all apart anyway. Half of my kid’s bathroom walls are undone from removing old, painted over, vinyl wallpaper.

Am I farther along than when I started? Yes!

Do I still have the other half of the bathroom to pull wallpaper off of before I can start fixing the walls? Yes!

Are there a lot of steps to complete this task? Yes!

Is this going to take a while? Maybe!

Is it going to be worth it? Yes!

Is this therapeutic and relaxing for me? Yes

Is it embarrassing when company comes over and sees the undone? Yes!

Does that matter? I’m learning to say, No!

Will I love it when it’s all done? Absolutely!

So five in the morning comes earlier than I would rather be up. It is what it is and that’s when my day starts. By seven in the evening, I feel myself slowing down mentally. That is how I felt and what I said until I stopped saying it.

N ow, most evenings you will find me sitting by my 6th grader on the couch. She’s conquering homework and in between helping her, you’ll find me writing. Whether it’s ripping off wallpaper, organizing a closet, painting a room or writing, it’s worth being intentional day after day, living out what lights you up.

Do the things that fire up your heart and soul – this creates a beautiful you even if your life gets messier for it. You will thank yourself one day and so will others.

Use your gifting and do not stifle what God has placed in you to bring to this world. Your God given gifts were meant to inspire you, bring fulfillment and ultimately serve others. So find the version of your dream that you can practice and pursue now. Let’s do this together!

“It was I, the Lord, who decided this long ago. Long ago I planned what I am now causing to happen, . . .” (Isaiah 37:26).

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