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About Me

Joe`l is passionate about encouraging women in their faith, creativity, and dreams. She is a California girl who married an Aussie, moved to the Midwest for fourteen years, then Colorado, and now resides in Madison, Mississippi with her husband and two children.

She discovered her passion for writing and encouraging women in their faith after she told her husband she didn’t want to be involved in ministry. God has a sense of humor. Joe’l found herself working in the church office, leading in small group ministry with her husband, and in women’s ministry with her pastor’s wife for over seven years.

Joèl’s enthusiasm for uplifting women, no matter where they find themselves, comes through as she writes and speaks from the transparency of her own messy life. She thrives in the rhythm of sneaking in alone time to read, write, and learn. She loves good food, chocolate and coffee. She doesn’t need a good excuse to move furniture and decor, or paint a room. She is currently going back to college and will see where this faith-filled adventure leads.