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October 25, 2016

Shut Your Eyes To Chaos And Fear

I shut my eyes just as my son pulled the car out into oncoming traffic. He took off and there was nothing I could do, short of screaming, which would have been disastrous. So . . . I shut my eyes, clinched the door handle, and prayed. Funny how I think that if I close my eyes, that maybe . . . just maybe, what is happening will be less traumatic or dramatic or maybe it will disappear. There is truth snuggled in between these silly thoughts of mine. Shutting my eyes gives me an opportunity to stop staring at what I see. Yeah, there are times I just need to take a pause. You? There was no screeching or crunching of metal that day, but my blood pressure may have come close to exploding. My son pulled out of the grocery store parking lot. The truck that looked as…
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January 23, 2016

Be Brave and Wise

The next time a strange male voice says, “you’re brave . . .”, I will think twice before proceeding. Kids waiting in the car, my fourteen year old and his sister, I ran quickly in the store needing two ingredients for soup. You know how that goes; once inside the grocery store you always think of a few more things to grab, since you’re already there and . . . they’re on sale. The emergency broadcast system alerted us that a storm was approaching, as we left my son’s school a few minutes earlier. Onward to the store and then home before the storm kicks into high gear. Inside Kroger’s I gathered up what I needed, plus a few extras, and zipped through self check-out. The wind began to blow and the rain, pouring down. Through the automatic glass doors I saw a few people standing, waiting with carts full…
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