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March 11, 2016

Truth Is We All Have Cracks

Stepping on a squishy, gritty surface with bare feet, it took a minute to register the sensation. The stamped concrete floor in the hallway was hard and cold, where I placed my bare foot was strangely cushioned. Looking down I saw that I had stepped on a crack in the cement with sandy colored clay, broken up in tiny morsels, exploding in little mounds over the edges and . . . there were ants crawling all around.   The crack was not new; living in Mississippi you soon find out that many homes have foundational issues due to the expanding and contracting Yazoo Clay. What was unfamiliar, the earth under the house, now inside the house. The culprits: fire ants.   Before we moved from Colorado to Mississippi I was not privy to the ways of fire ants or Yazoo Clay. In the fire ant community the ants work for…
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September 5, 2015

What Are You Hiding?

Let's just say I have more-than-a-few secret hiding places and I'm always creating new ones on the fly. Staying one step ahead of my children is a must during certain seasons of parenting. I developed the "never put the prized possession in the same hiding spot" strategy when I take away privileges due to their less than great behavior. This keeps everyone on their toes or maybe I'm a mom leaning on the crazy side. Once my sweet one has earned the prized possession back, by completing chores, homework, or exhibiting good behavior - my life gets a little messy. Depending on the transpiring events, the latest hiding spot has been known to slip my mind from time to time. The search begins... my kids and husband say, "if mom put it away - it could be anywhere". Cleaning the house falls under the same category. Have you ever straightened up in a hurry, stashing things here…
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