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Don’t Stop

August 12, 2015

There is Another Chapter to Your Story. Don’t Stop Now! Keep Asking, Keep Seeking, and Keep on Knocking!

I know what it means to search and keep searching for answers. To knock on doors of wisdom to only find answers that do not fit the puzzle piece you're missing. More searching and finally there is a glimpse of hope and then the truth, or a version of it, begins to unfold piece by piece. As truth rises to the surface so do our emotions. Relief springs up and then before you know it grief jumps in sinking our hope. Don't stop! Keep asking, keep seeking and keep on knocking. Once my son was officially diagnosed, at 10 years old with ADHD and Social Anxiety, I remember thinking, “I'm not crazy after all.” Awe, relief! There ARE explanations for our questions. Then grief creeps in playing tag team with relief saying, “Look at what you have to deal with!". I was relieved that there were explanations, but not relieved that there were “real issues” that…
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