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Because He is, I am.

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I had a love for God in my heart; I witnessed his grace and power over and over again, yet it was not until I was a married woman with children that I began to pursue God with a passion.

I witnessed the securities of this life being stripped away. 

I thought I knew God. 

I had faith – so I thought – then life slammed into my theology. 

I questioned God. 

How could He stand by and allow my world to fall apart? 

I grasped for human help, no one came to my rescue. 

I began to pursue God like never before with nothing else left to grasp. That began a journey in my life to discover who God truly is. In this 10 year wild God adventure life has spun in many new directions; I continue to find new treasures of who God is. Not just who He is, but who God is to me.

I thought I knew God. I had faith – so I thought – then life slammed into my theology.

Many times our deepest, most profound breakthroughs in life form through the touch of pain and disappointment. It’s not really about the struggle, it’s our response to the struggle that makes the difference. It’s in the act of yielding and clinging to a God – who loves us more then we can ever love ourselves – that we find true and intimate relationship with our Savior.

It’s not really about the struggle, it’s our response to the struggle that makes the difference.

He is my only hope. He is the one on whom I have learned to depend on and completely cling to. He is my source of unlimited and matchless power. He is my greatest confidant and my closest friend. He is my rescuer. He is my steady rock that cannot be shaken. He is in whom I plant deep roots that cannot be moved. He is my faith builder. He is the one who ravishes my fears and exposes the enemies lies for what they are. He is in whom I hide when this world is too much to bare.

He is my healer. He is my “weight of this life” carrier. He is my deepest desire. He is my motivation. He is my purpose developer. He is my advisor. He is full of compassion and forgiveness. He is my teacher. He is the God who stretches me in ways that I can only operate with His power alone. 

He is my joy. He is my peace creator. He is my Savior. He is my Heavenly Father. He is my appointment maker. He is the quiet voice that leads and guides me. He is my only provision in all areas of my life.

He is full on all about love to the deepest depths. He is who I am trying to pattern my life after. He is the promise keeper who always delivers on His word. He is full of grace. He is the lover of my soul. He is my fierce protector and shield. He is the one in whom I can trust. He is always working on my behalf, for a greater purpose than I can fathom, all to point towards His glory working in me. He is my party planner; the one who celebrates victories with me. He is my delight. He is my biggest fan. He is the one who sees me, knows me, and still has chosen me as His own. He is my honor and glory. He is my God. Because He is, I am.

When God allows us to walk through a “stripping away” experience, he replenishes, rebuilds and restores us stronger than we ever were before, if we let him. If you are wrestling with God, if you are a God resister, become the one who yields and clings. There is life, unlimited resources and matchless power in learning to yield to a loving saviour. Because He is, I am.

Psalm 71:18-22 (NLT) “….Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me. Your righteousness, O God, reaches to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things. Who can compare with you, O God? You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth. You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again. Then I will praise you with music on the harp, because you are faithful to your promises, O my God.”

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