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Joelle Povolni

August 28, 2015

A Treat For The Soul: Sandwiched In No’s, I’m Learning To Say, “Yes!”

Life can deal out a lot of "no's": challenges that stretch us in many ways. In the midst of challenging times will you learn to say, "yes"? Yes, an incredible word with simple, yet profound power: power to change the course of a moment, a day, a week, a year and even a lifetime; to change the direction of our hearts; to remove heavy weights so that we can skip again; and the ability to rest and rejoice in the God who says, "Yes!", to each of us every day. Sandwiched between no's, I'm learning to say, "yes": a treat for my soul. I have been wading nose deep in a long season of transition that has triggered a kind of "survival mode" style of living. I have become accustomed to slicing and dicing things out of my life - that I desperately have longed to say, "yes", to - in order to juggle what…
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August 12, 2015

There is Another Chapter to Your Story. Don’t Stop Now! Keep Asking, Keep Seeking, and Keep on Knocking!

I know what it means to search and keep searching for answers. To knock on doors of wisdom to only find answers that do not fit the puzzle piece you're missing. More searching and finally there is a glimpse of hope and then the truth, or a version of it, begins to unfold piece by piece. As truth rises to the surface so do our emotions. Relief springs up and then before you know it grief jumps in sinking our hope. Don't stop! Keep asking, keep seeking and keep on knocking. Once my son was officially diagnosed, at 10 years old with ADHD and Social Anxiety, I remember thinking, “I'm not crazy after all.” Awe, relief! There ARE explanations for our questions. Then grief creeps in playing tag team with relief saying, “Look at what you have to deal with!". I was relieved that there were explanations, but not relieved that there were “real issues” that…
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August 8, 2015

We Think We Desire Achievement When We Are Really Longing For Relationship

Do you ever just want to give in and give up? Give in to things like glancing at your facebook feed every few minutes in hopes that someone has noticed your post and likes it. Give in to eating the ice cream sandwich and half of the box of Cheez Its just because it taste so, so GOOD. If we're honest I think we all catch the "give in" mentality when life gets a little out of sorts. I have! It's like taking a mini vacation from responsibility and throwing our grown up routine out the window. We think, "FREEDOM!", but we often find "decay and death" instead. The problem with "giving in" is that what we give in to, tends to control who we become. When no one likes my facebook post I begin to question my worth and I become more insecure. Human approval never satisfies my desire to…
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August 7, 2015

Mom Fail: The Gift

If only I had a secret window to glance through and see my daughter on her first day of 4th grade. This was a morning of firsts. The first day of 4th grade; the first morning that my daughter fixed her own hair on the first day of school; the first time she would walk down a hallway not knowing where her classroom was or without meeting her teacher first. One of the hardest parts of parenting is watching our children walk out of our home into this uncertain world, with uncertain people who have uncertain actions and out of our certain reach. Equipped or not they must face their fears, face their peers, face their weaknesses and hopefully along the way discover their own strengths, seek the courage to make new friends and realize their God is bigger than their fears. Distracted with caring for my son after his oral surgery, I…
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July 30, 2015

Pushing Back in the Fire

I love gazing into a crackling, well contained fire. The flames are full of motion, you see light of varying shades and colors dancing, there is warmth and the smell of fire that fills the air. Whether it be in a fire pit outside on a cool, crisp fall evening or near a fireplace snuggled up inside on a cold winters night. There is something mesmerizing, mysterious and even desirable about fire. Has anyone ever not had access to a fireplace and played a Fireplace DVD, during the winter months, just for the effect? Ok, maybe that was just me. What we know about fire is that fire creates heat. Fire is not desirable when heat is in high supply. During the months of summer it never crosses my mind to want to sit by a fire. If you have ever lived in the deep South you know that sometimes…
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July 18, 2015

Change Can Cause Us to Value What Remains the Same.

Ever had that experience - the one that causes you to appreciate home a bit more than before, even if "home" has it’s own set of quirks? Lot’s of driving and then a little sightseeing with beautiful views so we thought. Who builds a pedestrian only bridge? Big disappointment to the girl who wanted to ride across a bridge taking in the views! The redeeming factors of this tourist fail moment was the specialty coffee shop and sandwich shop within a short distance from the pedestrian bridge. This was much too hot of a day to walk across a bridge, whether it had great views or not.  Back on the road, a few more hours of driving and we finally pulled safely into our own garage. Awe, relief! After eight plus hours on the road we had made it home. Sadly enough, vacation had come to a close. Memories made, photos taken, tan…
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June 15, 2015

Because He is, I am.

  I had a love for God in my heart; I witnessed his grace and power over and over again, yet it was not until I was a married woman with children that I began to pursue God with a passion. I witnessed the securities of this life being stripped away.  I thought I knew God.  I had faith - so I thought - then life slammed into my theology.  I questioned God.  How could He stand by and allow my world to fall apart?  I grasped for human help, no one came to my rescue.  I began to pursue God like never before with nothing else left to grasp. That began a journey in my life to discover who God truly is. In this 10 year wild God adventure life has spun in many new directions; I continue to find new treasures of who God is. Not just who…
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