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Are You Feeling Out Of Sorts?

My home is a work in progress as I am. I enjoy re-doing things, so it is awesome that we moved into an older home with a lot to re-do. Or that is what one would think, right?

The problem: I do not like things looking undone or half put together. If you are “re-doing” with time constraints and a limited budget, then you will have a lot of undone’s or not yet started projects. That is reality.

Learning to be content with undone’s and half-done’s while keeping motivated to continue with one project at a time and actually finishing the one, before starting another, is not always easy.

So I am still peeling wallpaper in the kids bathroom as I get time. It’s taking sooooo long and the bathroom looks like a fight broke out in it. Patience, oh patience and time where art thou?

And why do I feel the need to explain to others why things are the way they are? Why my house is not complete, or why this room has this rug in it that I do not even like anymore and yet I’m keeping it for now? Yeah, I’m tired of feeling that nudge to explain so I’m trying not to, yet I still do at times. So silly, yet maybe you can relate.

We long to be known, loved and understood right where we are, under the layers of life that we did not see coming and yet they came. Just like styles change, life changes. We’re left picking up pieces of a busted life or finding new life for an old rug. We become a bit more “undone” over time and yet the undone’s can become pillars of strength in our lives if we allow them to develop character in us. Character development is not fun, but all the benefits that come from it are worth the hard journey. So I guess I’m down for the ride, you?

Out of sorts or a beautifully imperfect life and all of the above, yep that’s how I feel.

People may, no they will, judge. That is ok even though it’s not. We might as well become ok with it, so we’re not scrambling to gain human approval because that is one vicious cycle you don’t want to be on. I know and yet I still have to fight it off!

There is mystery in seeing someone’s now and wandering about their before and the journey they are on. Everyone has a story, wisdom to share and so much we can learn from each other. The ones that really care will stick around to explore who you truly are. They will look beyond the facade of perfection they think they see, past the undone that they might find, and see the heart of you. They will look to find the best not the worst and encourage you right where you are. Let others go on thinking whatever they are thinking. Most likely they are not thinking much about you or I anyway.

If your feeling out of sorts, know you are not alone.

This season has come strange and new, yet familiar and yet it’s not. Step by step I’m seeing my faith take legs and walk, shaky and strong, on a new path and in a new way. God is faithful to continually grow us in new ways and so the adventure continues.

It’s easier to trample fear when you’re moving in faith and keeping your eyes on the invisible God. Fear has a way of being forced down beneath our feet with each step forward as freedom begins to sprout up. We crush fear with each step we take towards freedom. Don’t stop moving forward, scared or not!

I like the “all white”, the minimalist look and all the different color coordinated Christmas decor. For our home it’s lot’s of red and green, white and colored lights on our Christmas tree and the sentiment each ornament holds. It’s a mixture of sweet memories and all the Christmas colors. Nothing perfect. Lot’s of “undone’s” if you take a close look and yet this is us, with our misfit rug and all.

So if you feel like you do not fit in, know you are not alone. I pray this Christmas is beautiful in it’s own way for each of us. Just a reminder: the very first Christmas took place in a stinky old barn under the stars. The only thing that was perfect then and now, is the God who created all from nothing, the one who came low and became one of us. Perfection came and clothed himself in imperfection all to bring the most amazing gift of all, salvation and freedom! For that we can all rejoice.

Merry Christmas to you, all of my sweet friends!

Let’s encourage one another this Christmas!


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